Clark Avenue
Who We Are
is part of Cwmbran Allotment Group.

We are passionate about home produced Fruit/Veg and Flora.

We're not just a group of gardeners, we are a community, helping each other out and offering free advice to any who wish it.

Our Values
We recognise that good relationships give us the freedom to spend time focussing on our allotment plots which offer a variable recreational role involving healthy exercise, social contact, fun and the challenge of growing competition vegetables, fruit and flowers. We also encourage plot holders to help with the general improvement of the site, such as clean up days and involvement in ongoing improvement projects.

Our Policy
Treat each other with respect
Value differences - OK to disagree and challenge (positively)
Allow everyone to have a voice
Be inclusive
Acknowledge the contributions and achievements of all.
Maintain harmonious and productive relationships with each other.
Nurture friendships
Take a zero tolerance approach to bullying, discrimination and harassment.
Site Facilities
Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates: Peer's Certificate has expired.

Upcoming Events
Neither nor Cwmbran Allotment Group can be held responsible for any failures or accidents caused by following any voluntary advice given.